A StartingBloc for the journey

I attended StartingBloc because it is a home base for change-makers. And when we’re taking on big dreams, big visions, we’ve got to support each other as change-makers.

Over the course of five days, I connected with like-minded amazing people with stories and dreams of their own. Each and everyone one of them had their own personal narrative of why they wanted to make a positive impact on the world. They all had visions, big visions that tug at their minds and hearts. It was their responsibility, our responsibility to step into these visions to create these dreams.

StartingBloc also reiterated my belief in people’s stories being a catalyst for positive change in the world.

I realize that we change-makers get to honor our own stories of why we’re doing what we’re doing. We get to stop and think about how our beings are brought into every single project, organization, business, etc. we create in the world.

So, it reminded me that my story matters. Every student that I have encountered, along with all of the students I haven’t yet, stories matter. What I’m doing matters. What we’re doing matters. What young people create as change-makers matters.

I also learned another key lesson that I will apply in all of my future experiences.

In my experience as an Activist and Social Worker, I frequently felt a division between the “bad” and the “good”–“they” or the “other,” the “oppressed” and “oppressor.” I felt a sense of anger and distrust in the air at protests, rallies, or meetings towards so many systems created in our history.

My perspective on humanity transformed in the last eight months because I chose to step into like-minded spaces like Move the Crowd and StartingBloc.

StartingBloc reminded me that in order to create positive change in the world, we’ve got to: 0) HEAL from our own experiences and/or beliefs about systems that are not working for us right now. Embrace all of our imperfections, who we are and what we want to bring to the world 1) Understand the social issue, 2) Show how this issue relates to everyone, 3) Work with the oppressor; put yourself in their shoes. Thank you Scott!

I’d also add that we’ve got to hold everyone to their absolute highest possibility, every person whether they have different or similar beliefs than we do.

Then, we get to shift the world.  Otherwise, we will continue to be separate, divided, and we cannot do that as a human race any longer.

As I marched on to pursue my dreams, I challenged myself to continue listenin to the mission within.  I am aware that conferences and events are not forever. So, it’s important to consistently trust ourselves and our dreams. Connect with like-minded people and sustain your community!

Those five days would remain dear to my heart: You all are life long friends…thank you  for an unforgettable experience!


Collaborating on building Green Program's website design!

Collaborating on building Green Program’s website design!

working hard

How does the user want to experience the website?


Let’s do it.

we danced

And…there was dancing. Love it. 😉

If you’re a dreamer, doer, mover, shaker, check these sites out. You’re not alone and you don’t need to be as you pursue to live out your dream. It takes some work to transform, be, and do what we envision.

Take a step…and keep going when the door is shut. One will open.

Move the Crowd

Unreasonable Institute

Transformative Action Institute


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