Radical Possibilities

On March 15th, I was back in NYC for the New York Radical Educators Conference. The theme for the conference was, Radical Possibilities.

It was a space where WE: where all community members got to dialogue about the experience of education.

During the event, a friend and I facilitated a workshop called “Hacking your Education.” During the event, the group of students talked about their experiences in education, what success means to them, and their passions.

One student in particular shared that his passion was love and his message to the world was to love. AMAZING–already a conscious change-maker!

During the workshop, each and everyone of the students created and designed their own visions of education–without restrictions, boxes, limitations–radical possibilities were in the house and they could re-create what they saw for a just, free world where they could build skills and define success on their own terms.

Here are some of their visions:

robot teacher

A “Robot Teacher”

What we’ve got to take a look at is the word, “Robot,” in this design. Radical possibilities may include a robot, though all that was expressed is what they want in a teacher, which is possible in their own present teachers.  We could do this! We could make this happen. Education should look like this!

As educators (and I’m talking all community members), we have the space to create spaces for young people to grow authentically and positively change the world.

As seen here, they already want to…

internet cafe

A Live Internet Cafe

Here, the students created a “Live Internet Cafe” wherein all students get to explore the world: art, snowboarding, music, paint,balling. It’s a “circle,” alluding to the connection among themselves and resources in the community. Love it.

All education should be inspiring and relevant so that no child ever forgets that they are GOOD ENOUGH to contribute to the world.

Let’s take a look at how we can recreate education, to support “Solutionaries.”



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