1st Stop: StartingBloc

On March 5th, I jumped on a plane from New York City where I lived the last five years, to Los Angeles for a 5 day Institute.

StartingBloc is a transformative 5 day experience for entrepreneurs, activists, students, bridge-builders and other innovators (so grateful I found this home)!

While in the air, I felt liberated, excited, and slightly nervous for the unknown. I didn’t know what this conference or anything I would experience in the next four months would bring. Something I recalled learning through so many of my past experiences though, is that we’ve got to jump in the middle and let it all turn out. In order to have what we want, we may also need to let go of what’s not working for us. Then, there’s room for possibilities.

Embrace the unknown.

My previous experiences into the unknown have consistently shaped who I am as a human being: traveling to Central Valley, CA to learn about the United Farm Workers Movement, Mexico to learn about the genocide of women along Juarez’s border, and NYC for a year of volunteer work in the Bronx.

This is me carving my path again.

There had been a dreamer, a doer inside of me waiting to unleash again. You could say I was a rebel within the system, a closet rebel, who tried following rules that weren’t working for me or the people I worked at some points. The costume I was wearing in all of these traditional spaces with expectations didn’t fit me correctly. It was a mold of what society wanted me to be for a long time.

I knew there was a dreamer, a mover, a shaker inside of me that was ready to be with the world.

So, here I was: taking a leap with a game plan.

In the next four months, I would attend conferences and events that support young people to express their creative genius and be powerful change-makers in their own light. I would visit schools that promote mindfulness and social entrepreneurship.

My first stop: StartingBloc.



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